'It’s A Long Way to Tipperary' lyrics'Le Singe' Tin OpenerANZAC Identification Disc
A Letter from a German Soldier (Sept 6th 1914)AchievementsActive Service Pay Book
Adolf HitlerAdvertising BrochureAnna
Army Internal CorrespondenceBar of SoapBaron Von Dorf
Battle of MarneBed PanBelgian Shako
Biscuit BoxBlueprintBraces
BrazierBritish CoinsBritish Identification Tag (1915)
British MagazineBrodie HelmetBroken French Bayonet
Broken German BayonetBroken PistolBroken Walking Stick
Broken Watch StrapCVD@Canadian Coins
Canadian Identification TagCard GameChemical Formula
Coffee BeansCollectiblesColoured Pennant
CompassConcert ProgrammeCrest Model
CrucifixDartDead Rat
Dentist’s BasinDrivingEarly Gas Mask
EmbroideryEmileEmpty Wooden Chest
FlashlightsFreddieFrench Coins
French Emergency BanknoteFrench Gendarme’s CapFrench Identification Tag
Gas Canister Deployment StrategyGas StoveGeneral Headquarters News Bulletin
GeorgeGerman CartridgesGerman Coins
German HelmetGerman Identification TagGerman Identification Tag (1916)
German RingGlass SyringeGoat Hide
Gold Button from a French UniformHQ MapHandkerchief
HansHeavy German HelmetHip Flask
Historical itemInfantryman’s FlaskInk Well
JeromeKarlKhukuri Knife
Letter from a Belgian Civilian in ParisLetter from a Canadian SoldierLetter from a French Soldier (Aug 14, 1914)
Letter from a German SoldierLetter from a Hungarian PrisonerLetter from a Prussian Soldier
Letter from a Russian OfficerLetter from a Scottish SoldierLetter from a Soldier
Letter from a Tunisian SoldierLice CombListening Device
Mess Tin with HolesMetal NibNewspapers
NotebookNurse's ManualOfficer's Whistle
Oil LampsOverallsPapakha
PeriscopePhonographPhoto Frame
PipePocket WatchPostcard
Ration TicketSack of BranSafety Razor
Shell MechanismShrapnel Shell RemnantsSoldier’s Ring
Stationmaster’s WhistleStereoscopic CameraSterilising Solution
Tallow SocksTelegram from New ZealandTelephone Cable
Tent CanvasThe Gazette des ArdennesThroat Lozenges
Tin of SardinesTinder LighterTobacco Case
Trench LanternTrench ShovelUrine Soaked Cloth
Valiant Hearts: Dogs of WarValiant Hearts: The Great WarValiant Hearts Wiki
Valiant Stories Contest MemorabiliaValiant Stories Contest Memorabilia 2Vial of Nevrostenine
Virgin Mary Statuette and CaseWaltWar Godmother Certificate
WilfriedWooden TopX-Ray Equipment
File:023.PNGFile:12 08a.jpgFile:1378837766-valiant-hearts-the-great-war-renders.png
File:1458536 177584525768163 603373934 n.jpgFile:2101013-road-runner-131493.jpgFile:A.jpg
File:Alalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala.jpgFile:Anna.pngFile:Anna i Walt.jpg
File:Anna leczy.jpgFile:Anna rozwiązuje szyfr.jpgFile:Baron von Dorf.jpg
File:BrothersKeeper.jpgFile:Cancan.jpgFile:Cała rodzna.jpg
File:Doberman.jpgFile:Doberman z długm ogonem.jpgFile:Embroidery.png
File:Emil i ptachol.jpgFile:Emil kocha Walta.jpgFile:Emil w niebie.jpg
File:Forum new.gifFile:ForwardMarch.jpgFile:Freddie.jpg
File:Freddie.pngFile:Freddie i Walt.pngFile:Freddie i kombinerki.jpg
File:Freddie walczy o żonę.jpgFile:FreddieandEmile.pngFile:FreddieandForeignLegion.jpg
File:GoodDoggy.jpgFile:Gsm 169 ValiantHearts TheGreatWar 091013 640.jpgFile:Gsm 169 valiant hearts interview om 091113 640.jpg
File:HQMap.pngFile:Hans and walt ch1.jpgFile:HealingHero.jpg
File:HelpfulLaundryman.jpgFile:Historial Items Collectables - Douaumont FortFile:Historical Items Guide - Marne Battle
File:Imgres.jpgFile:It'sAllFireAndDeathNow.jpgFile:Juping walt.jpg
File:Karl.pngFile:Karl emile new chapelle.jpgFile:Karl marie letter.jpg
File:KingoftheHill145.jpgFile:KnowledgeIsPower.jpgFile:LET'S START VALIANT HEARTS THE GREAT WAR - First impressions - Something Like That
File:Mordka Walta.jpgFile:NeverForget.jpgFile:O jeuś.jpg
File:PhotoFrame.pngFile:Photo 11-05-2016, 5 22 14 PM.pngFile:Photo 11-05-2016, 5 22 26 PM.png
File:Photo 11-05-2016, 5 22 34 PM.pngFile:Photo 11-05-2016, 5 22 48 PM.pngFile:Photo 11-05-2016, 5 23 18 PM.png
File:Photo 11-05-2016, 5 23 34 PM.pngFile:Photo 11-05-2016, 5 23 43 PM.pngFile:Pierwsze spotkanie Emila z Waltem.jpg
File:VHGamescom2.jpgFile:VHGamescom3.jpgFile:VH Anna posing 1399421316.jpg
File:VH Freddie Posing 2 1399421316.jpgFile:Valiant-Hearts-Walt.pngFile:Valiant-hearts-1-1024x576.jpg
File:ValiantHeartsBackground.jpgFile:ValiantHeartsLogoTransparent.pngFile:Valiant Hearts - Historical Items Guide - Marne
File:Valiant Hearts - Historical Items Guide Neuville Saint VaastFile:Valiant Hearts Historical Items Guide - Neuve ChapelleFile:Valiant Hearts Preview 3.jpg
File:Valiant Hearts The Great War (VG) (2014) - Gameplay trailer, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox OneFile:Valiant Hearts The Great War - Announcement TrailerFile:Valiant Hearts The Great War - Chapter 1 Casern - Historical Items Guide
File:Valiant Hearts The Great War - Chapter 1 Casern - Historical Items Guide-0File:Valiant Hearts The Great War - Chemin Des Dames - Historical Items GuideFile:Valiant Hearts The Great War - Come Back Trailer
File:Valiant Hearts The Great War - Crash Site - Historical Items GuideFile:Valiant Hearts The Great War - Historical Items Guide DouaumontFile:Valiant Hearts The Great War - How to Unlock the Helpful Laundryman Trophy
File:Valiant Hearts The Great War - How to Unlock the Helpful Laundryman Trophy-0File:Valiant Hearts The Great War Gameplay DemoFile:Valiant hearts.jpg
File:Valiantheart.jpgFile:Vh4.jpgFile:Von dorf.png
File:Walt,Emil i ptaszek.jpgFile:Walt-i siostra.jpgFile:Walt i Ania.png
File:Walt i Emil siedzą przy ognisku.jpgFile:Walt i Hans.jpgFile:Walt i czołg.jpg
File:Walt i języczek.jpgFile:Walt i klapnięte uszko.jpgFile:Walt i konik.jpg
File:Walt i trąbka.jpgFile:Walt i zniszczony dom.jpgFile:Walt maczek świata.jpg
File:Walt na świętach.jpgFile:Walt szczeka.jpgFile:Whereabaout1.jpg
File:Wikia-Visualization-Main,valianthearts.pngFile:Wilfried.jpgFile:Wilfried and karl.jpg
File:Wilfried and karl2.jpgFile:YpresWakeUpCall.jpg

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